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Job opportunities

Gronemeyer Team, Institute of Genetics and Molecular and Cellular Biology (IGBMC), Illkirch (C.U. de Strasbourg), FRANCE

A position is open in the Gronemeyer laboratory at IGBMC for a bioinformatician to work in the analysis and integration of genome-wide biological data, develop bioinformatics tools and establish/maintain data analysis pipelines for High-Throughput Sequencing data.


Candidates must be highly motivated to work on biological questions and flexible to interact with the various members of the laboratory. They should have a degree in computational biology, bioinformatics, statistics or equivalent level of knowledge. Candidates must be comfortable working in UNIX/Linux environments and possess excellent programming skills (Python, R, Java). Experience with databases is desired. Basic knowledge of the analysis of ChIP-seq and RNA-seq data sets would be considered an advantage, as is knowhow in web development.

Place of employment and work

The Institut de Génétique et Biologie Moléculaire et Cellulaire (IGBMC) is an international institute with a strong focus on biomedical research, offering an exceptional research and cutting-edge platforms located in Illkirch, just outside the city of Strasbourg. Strasbourg is an international and cosmopolitan city, located in the center of Europe.

The Gronemeyer team

We are multi-national team interested in understanding the mechanisms of normal (differentiation, lineage establishment) and pathological (tumorigenesis) cell fate acquisition by using systems biology approaches to integrate signal transduction, epigenetic (de)regulation and chromatin structure, which together regulate gene expression programs. We put emphasis on data quality which is why we have developed quality assessment tools for ChIP-seq, HiC and related technologies (

Recent publications

  • Mendoza-Para et al (2016) Reconstructed cell fate regulatory programs in stem cells reveal hierarchies and key factors of neurogenesis. Genome Research 26, 1505.
  • Malysheva et al (2016) Reconstruction of gene regulatory networks reveals chromatin remodelers and key transcription factors in tumorigenesis. Genome Medicine 8, 57.
  • Portal et al (2015) Human cell contain natural double stranded RNAs with potential regulatory functions. Nat Struct Mol Biol 22, 89.

Terms of salary and employment

A 12-month renewable contract will be established. Salary will be competitive. Operating language in the laboratory is English. Applications including a cover letter, curriculum vitae and the names of two referees should be sent by February 15 to: Hinrich Gronemeyer at